The Colorful World of Kate Wilson, Artist

Hello there!

I am a fine artist living and working in Rhode Island. I love to create art that celebrates life through bright, saturated colors. The secret is that color makes me happy-so happy! Whether I am painting a gigantic mountain with candy colors, or a small abstract, I work in a place of colorful bliss.

When I am painting with delicious colors, I love to use hues that are not the natural color of my subject by applying science. Yup, that's right! Did you know that our eyes see shape and form before we see color? Think about it. We actually do not need color to tell us what something is at all! When you see a black and white photograph, you can identify the subject, right? Color is the extra shake of sprinkles on a fantastic cupcake. A cupcake is delicious and makes you happy, but a cupcake is still a cupcake, even without that extra shake.

I like to paint with colors that are not realistic because I am fascinated with the science behind how our brains perceive value before color and take this as a creative challenge. My paintings read the same in black and white because the values of my selected colors define shadow and light, creating a form that your brain recognizes. There is an excellent article about this from a doctor at Stanford. It blows my mind.

So when you pop around my gallery, note my use of color in my paintings. And remember, my color choices are first to assign value so you can sense form and depth, and second, to celebrate joy!

Are there color combinations that you love? Let me know! I so enjoy learning about other color lovers out there.

Until next time...



If you are curious to see more of my art, click here!