Kate Wilson, humanHere I am, what I believe, and how choose to make my mark upon the world, in 60 seconds! Buckle up. ;)


As you may have figured out, I am a happy person who loves life, adventure, and discovery. By hiding love notes within my works, I invite you to get lost in art and ooops! -you may end up playing, seeking, finding, and celebrating yourself for taking a risk that ended in a love note for your soul... not too shabby! I firmly believe that adults need more opportunities to play and be curious. Why not have an adventure while looking at art? My goal is to create art that blurs the lines of what art is with this interactive, psychologically shifting experience.

Here is a list of love notes hidden in my works for your enjoyment:

peace  centered  positive  wonderful  honor  dignity  strength  await  rest  beam  explore  gird  collect  brave  soften  leap  prosperity  clarity  adventure  boundless  limitless  magnificent  unlimited  healing  dreams  courage  harmony  bold  refresh  inspire  wisdom  strong  stretch  flex  connect  converge  light  meld  think  yearn  develop  transience  shine  think  envelop  beauty  temporal  glow  bloom  hop  skip  jump  fly  fun  flip  laugh  wink  leap  expand  supply  prepare  live  reveal  ponder  believe  unity  connection  solidify  bridge  cleanse  weave  join  hope  love  wonder  seek  joy  curiosity  breathe  dance  celebrate  open  lift  see  be  discover  create  blossom  reach  pause  share  play  imagine  bliss  dream  rise

WARNING: You must see my art in person to play the game. Reach out via my contact page to jump in the loop as I twist reality across the globe!




Collectors & Artists Comments

 They are visually magnetic and mesmerizing, truly psychologically compelling natural abstractions, like Rorschach images.– Ben Aronson, Artist

 They draw me in. It is as if there is motion involved somehow.– Collector

 They challenge what you think you know about art and color.– Collector

 They all say such different things.– Collector

 Crazy good.– Collector


Thank you so very much for peeking around my site. I absolutely lloovvee what I do and wanted to offer you a place to see more about this side of me. I have a few new big ideas percolating.... my mind is full of artistic sparks!