Invest in refined mood-enhancement.

Two-dimensional works
Each limited edition archival print is dye-sublimated onto aluminum, made to order in Rhode Island, and ready to ship worldwide with a Certificate of Authenticity. Sizing can be adjusted to fit your space requirements.

Three-dimensional works
Be on the lookout for my yet to be unveiled, interactive works.

I love to create unique statement pieces relating to an industry or personal story.


  • They are visually magnetic and mesmerizing, truly psychologically compelling natural abstractions, like Rorschach images. – Ben Aronson, Artist
  • They draw me in. It is as if there is motion involved somehow. – Collector
  • They challenge what you think you know about art and color. – Collector
  • They all say such different things. – Collector
  • Crazy good. – Collector
  • People keep asking if it is a painting. – Collector
  • It was so hard to choose! They are all my favorite. – Collector

About the Artist
I create art to connect to a vast space inside of me. All else fades away—time and my identities—cease. When I create, I am home. The art I make today differs from the art I made yesterday and will differ from the art I make tomorrow, but the act of processing through from that glimmer to the physical representation remains untouched. I crave the emotion I fill with each time. I cannot not create. It is who I am.

I became a professional artist through my own doorway. My foundation of artistic education is a combination of formal and informal training. Lessons and critiques from school and what I draw from life experiences impact what I create. I make to physically represent a feeling, concept, or object in a new way. The former teacher in me thrills to give a place for wonder and discovery to others. Redefining how someone sees or thinks about something is a powerful motivator. I make use of my graphic design background in my two and three‑dimensional work. I pay careful attention to the path the eye and mind will travel as if each work is a story or adventure. Using this as the backbone, I work with a refined visual sense that allows for subtly and drama. I have a technical skill-set and penchant for learning that keeps me pushing further. My meditative side balances this tenacity.

I see the world through the relationships of structure and form before I place a proper noun to something. When I am working, I love to challenge myself to see how little I need to show before the identity of my subject becomes abstracted. I chose photography and print because of their similarity. When I am photographing, I do not see a flower, per se, but how color, light, and shadow interplay. When I work with repeating and mirroring, it is the relationships of the new structure and forms I see. The parts matter in relation the whole. This concept is evident in the positive and negative space when working with text. Both image and text are digitally manipulatable as pixels or vectors, and able to be printed on a myriad of substrates, opening up a whole world of experimentation that makes me hungry.

I am a confident, curious, energetic, visually-powered human who has learned what drives me. I do not believe in limits, and I love proving this through my art.