Welcome to my world! I love creating fine art out of ordinary objects. Bold and graphic, yet detailed and delicate, I capture intimacies that suspend time and place. I love creating opportunities for my collectors to wonder and be curious.

Common subjects get a new and fresh twist: wire, water, plants, bottles, spoons, door knobs, blossoms, insects, headlights, candle wicks... How many can you identify? Are you even more curious? I hide positive words within my work as an added layer of interest. When wandering through my galleries, each limited edition lists the subject and love note hidden within. There is an example in my blog.

Play with me...

Quality & Craftsmanship
All of my works are skillfully dye-sublimated onto aluminum here in Rhode Island.

Purchase Inquiries
Each work is made to order, so sizes can be adjusted to fit your space requirements. Please connect with me via my contact page, above.

Commission Inquiries & Large-scale Installations
I am happy to design unique statement pieces that relate to your industry or personal story.


I prefer my works to be dye-sublimated on aluminum here in Rhode Island because it gives a sense of depth, vibrancy, and durability not found in traditional processes. I have teamed up with a company that has engineered their product over decades to offer fine art-worthy results. I have added a few other details for you.

Sublimation means going from a solid to a gas, back to a solid - skipping the liquid state. My images are printed on transfer paper and then adhered to pretreated aluminum and placed into a press. Once secured, they are heated to temperatures exceeding 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

While being subjected to this extreme heat and pressure, the dyes from the transfer paper turn into gas and are pressed into the aluminum. As the dyes cool and solidify, they are permanently infused beneath the surface of the metal substrate.

65+ years before fading

Dyes are infused beneath the exterior coating through sublimation, which is more durable than traditional paper and canvas reproductions because the image can’t be scratched or peeled off of the surface.

No glass is needed for protection.

Sublimated aluminum holds up against high heat, necessary for artwork hung in specific corporate and public environments.  

No need to worry about fingerprints or blemishes. A microfiber cloth and household cleaner can be used to clean my prints. This substrate is perfect for public spaces and other high traffic areas.

Though extremely rigid and durable, the 90% recycled aluminum is lightweight and easy to hang.  A 40x60 inch panel with an aluminum float backing weighs approx. 13lbs.

Although not the best choice for art, this may be a selling point for the environmentally friendly crowd.

If you have any questions, I am here for you. :)